We ALL have certainly experienced the significant change in our emotions and swings from the practice facility to the 1st tee. First of all, know that everyone at some point will experience the incapability of controlling their emotions and swing on the course, you’re not alone. While there is no miracle cure for the lifelong challenge, the following are some ideas to incorporate into your on course game to improve your game.

Improving Playing Performance on the Course

Establish a pre-shot routine. Find your own comfort process. For example:
❶ ALWAYS take a practice swing. Here you can focus on a swing thought/feel or just relaxation and rhythm.
❷ RELAX. Take a deep breath…picture Jason Day during his pre-shot routine.
❸ ALIGNMENT to your target. it’s a positive thought, many players pick an intermediate target just in front of the ball.
❹ AWARENESS of your grip and arm pressure at address. When grip and arm pressure increases, the swing will tend to get quick and hard.

Relax. Think back to your comfort process.
❶ KEEP IT SIMPLE. Too many thoughts or being too technical will create havoc with your swing.
❷ FOCUS on a thought that will allow you to stay relaxed and free during the swing.

Could be a swing feel, a song that helps you with rhythm, counting…anything so your mind doesn’t wander to negative, tension producing thoughts.

The goal is to do everything you can to take pressure off yourself! Remember, the best you can do is the best you can do and the best you can do is usually good enough.

Carter Murchison is the director of golf for Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club. Schedule a lesson by calling the golf shop today at 850.267.2229.