Inconsistent entry point into the sand, depth into the sand and length of the swing – All result in inconsistent contact and poor distance control.


Allow the body to rotate back and through based on the length of the shot/swing.






The first key is to have the proper set up at address. Play the ball forward in your stance towards your front foot with the club face slightly open. Keep your hands directly over the ball to utilize the bounce of the club. Placing the hands too far forward causes the club to dig and take too much sand.







After we allow our body to turn in our backswing, the second key is maintaining full arm extension into and through impact. This is achievable if the body rotates back and through while the arms stay passive. When we just swing our arms without turning our body, it becomes difficult to maintain proper arm extension.







One sure way to know if we turned our body properly is to hold our finish position and observe. Your weight should be 90% on your forward leg with your belt buckle and chest facing the target and your arms should be at full extension.