Enforcing a pace of play policy is so important to improve overall experience on the course. These policies are put into place not only to decrease the duration of a round, but also to decrease any periods of waiting in between shots.

Our golf staff monitors and regulates a four hour pace of play policy and asks that golfers abide by the following recommendations:

  • Adhere to the four hour pace of play policy, no matter the size of your group
    • Groups of four are the encouraged form of play
    • Groups of three and five have the same rights as groups of four
  • Play USGA approved “Ready Golf”
  • Always stay up to the group in front
    • Individuals or groups of two should not expect to go through larger groups unless there is an open hole in front
    • Faster players should be given the opportunity to play through if there are open holes in front

To view some additional tips and suggestions from the USGA, click here.