We all know the importance of a good short game and the number of shots that can be saved during a round of golf. However, many players do not understand the basic fundamentals of chipping; therefore, do not spend adequate time practicing correctly.


Practice the following basic fundamentals with all clubs for chipping:

  • Set-up:
    1. Choke down on the grip – half way down on the grip is a good starting point.
    2. Position the ball in the center of your stance or slightly back of center.
    3. Narrow your stance, align your feet to the left of the target and create a nice flex in the knees. This helps to keep the lower body stable and quiet during the swing motion.
    4. Place 60% of your weight on the left leg. The combination of the ball position and your weight position will put your hands ahead of the clubhead and golf ball at address.
  • Swing Motion:
    1. During the backswing, maintain 60% of your weight on the left leg. As the length of the backswing increases, allow the hips to rotate, but the weight should always stay left.
    2. On the forward swing, keep the hands and grip leading the clubface as you swing through the impact area…basically maintaining the same relationship that you had at the address position between the hands/grip and clubhead.
    3. As you swing through the impact area, allow the weight to increase on the left leg.


While there are modifications that can be made, depending on the shot you are playing, these basics will establish a foundation that will improve your chipping and prepare you for some additional shot creativity as you continue to improve in your chipping game.