Everyone has the desire to increase driving distance, but fewer are interested in improving their short game. Statistically, we all know that a golfer can lower their handicap more quickly by improving their game on and around the greens. Below are six key points for improved chipping and pitching:



1.  Learn to use the bounce of the club. Most players use too much of the leading edge of the clubface which creates too much digging or fat shots at impact. Instead, think of using the bounce of the club (bottom), which will create cleaner and more consistent contact.







2.  Set the proper shaft lean at address to improve the chances of using the bounce of the club at impact. Note that the shaft is only slightly leaning forward.


3.  Set the proper ball position. For standard shots, the ball position should be middle or slightly back of middle in the stance.





4. Set the weight of your position slightly forward at address (55%-60%).


5.  During the backswing, maintain your weight on the forward foot – same as at address.





6.  Allow the club head to pass the hands on the through motion. This will ensure the use of the bounce of the club at impact.





Short game clinics and multi-hour schools will be available for members this fall. Please contact the golf shop for additional information at 850.267.2229.