Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club members recently participated in the Schoony Scramble to raise a club in honor of Rick Schoonover and to raise funds for Operation Lipstick, the fundraising campaign he founded and avidly supported. Together with the management team and Operation Lipstick committee, Rick’s beloved wife, Karen, put together this beautiful celebration of Rick and the impact he had on the club, fellow members, staff and anyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.


Rick’s daughter, Melissa, recently described Santa Rosa Golf & Beach club as the cornerstone of Rick’s life since moving to Florida and joining in the early 1990s. He was tireless in his passion and devotion and had his hand or voice in so much of its history since those early days, always working to make things better for our members. Rick was a gregarious people guy with a positive force about him that left people feeling like they were talking to someone that they wanted to get to know better, and he thrived here because of the special people he met in his Santa Rosa life.

The Schoony Scramble epitomized everything that Rick loved about Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club: the camaraderie, the friendships, the sense of community, the simple ease of having fun and the willingness of our members to give back. Those are the defining qualities that make this club so special.

Because of that willingness of Rick and so many, many other members, management and staff to give back over the years, Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club is certainly now in the most positive position of its history and has a bright future.

Through Operation Lipstick events, the campaign has generated more than $58,000. These funds will pay for new chairs and table tops inside and outside of the golf clubhouse, new casual indoor seating as well as the cost of labor and shipping.

Schoony’s 19th Hole

We are thrilled to announce that the board of directors has unanimously approved the motion to change the name of Mulligan’s Grille to Schoony’s 19th Hole in celebration of the legacy of Rick Schoonover. Our members petitioned this change and as a testament of their sincere appreciation, the Schoonover family has made plans to donate an additional $30,000 to help renovate the bar area with new countertops, cabinets and much more.

The rendering below showcases some of the exciting upgrades to come as a result of the Operation Lipstick campaign.

Schoony's 19th Hole Rendering

Thank you to our members for their “Schoony’s 19th Hole” design efforts and generous contributions:

  • Kelly May, Concept & Design – Southern Lines Design
  • Ashley Loyd, Logo Design
  • Dan Hendrix, Flooring Donation – Interface Flooring
  • Karen Schoonover and the entire Schoonover Family, Generous Donation and Bar Makeover

Thank you to our members for their generous donations at the Schoony Scramble event:

Weston Jones, Dennis Gagnon, Bill Crane, Mac Clark, John Andrulot, Tony Patterson, Rusty Lucas, Doug Podoll, Ralph Gage, Trish Gooderum, Lauch McElhaney, Chris Lawson, Roy Acosta, Charlie Hoffner, Brandt Enos, Mary Andrews, Buck Buchanan, Tim Kreider, Debra Cannon, Sam Dalton, Brenda Ousley, Carrie Burke, Tim Brown, Sharon Eisner, James Jones, Tom Moreland, Jeff Sikora, Sheri Merrow, Larry Osborne, David Burba, Lee Owen, Justin Wilde, Brian Payne, Arun Bhalla, Charlie McQuagge, Keith Knight, Jim Shepherd, James Horton, Barbie Goins, Nan Ream, Kurt Topp, Justin Phelps, David Swart, Bill Montgomery, Judy Henninger, Bob Garey, Bob Montgomery, Bob Baird, Hugh Vick, Charlie Garner, John Stevens, Drake Martin, Adrian Powell

We are forever grateful for the support of our board of directors, Karen Schoonover and the Operation Lipstick committee as well as all of our members who participated and contributed. The Schoony Scramble allowed us to honor and remember Rick Schoonover and his long time support to the club as well as the friendships that he made.

Click here to view photos from the event.

About Operation Lipstick

Committee Members: Karen Schoonover, Crawford Sandefur & Jerry Lancaster, Charlie & Liz Garner, Bob & Cheryl Hoffman, Dewayne & Kathryn Youngblood, Dean Millsap & Eden Cooper, Robert & Patty Reeder 

The concept behind Operation Lipstick is to make mostly non-structural upgrades such as paint, carpet, furniture, pavers and possibly an expanded deck to give our clubhouse a fresh new look using member raised funds. From its beginning 50 years ago, when members actually built our golf course and clubhouse, bartended, cooked and served food in the restaurant and much more, our club has a history of grass roots efforts by our members to keep it moving forward. This campaign is no different. The willingness of our members to do what it takes is what makes us unique in this market, giving us a dimension not found in other clubs.