Through the dozens of events that occur at Vue on 30a each year, there are many weddings that simply left us in awe of their personalized decorations. Using personalized and “do it yourself” decor adds a special touch and makes the event not only noteworthy, but also memorable. Often times, getting creative can also shave some unnecessary expenses from your budget.

Here are three examples of how you can add some personalization to your own event space:

Create Place Cards.  Personalize your place cards with calligraphy, icons and more. On October 19th, bride Alyssa Mickelson (daughter of members Joe and Jodi Raus) created unique place cards by using drink coasters. The place cards served double duty as they were also given as wedding favors to all guests that attended.

Construct an Arbor.  Enhance an already beautiful backdrop with a custom arbor. You can create an arbor yourself by using wood, florals, lanterns and more. On March 17th, Vue on 30a had a bride and groom use a wooden cross that they built for their arbor which illuminated beautifully on the west terrace.



Design a Guest Book. Wow guests with a creative guest book alternative. Including a sign in table is typically standard in the entryway but using a traditional book doesn’t have to be. On September 29th, members Jane and Rodney Paddock created a guest book alternative for their wedding by using a photo frame. Instead of signing a book, guests signed a picture of the gorgeous couple.

Personalizing items throughout the event space allows for an opportunity to reflect your personal style and values. Wedding favors, ceremony decorations and guest books are just a few of the many items you can use to set your private event apart from the crowd.

For more information on weddings or private events, contact 850.267.2305 x 3.