Operation Lipstick

Fellow Members:

You have probably read about and seen photos of the exciting updates going on at our golf clubhouse.  Interior improvements to the golf shop are complete and Schoony’s 19th Hole and the main hallway are nearing completion as well. Fabulous exterior improvements not funded by Operation Lipstick are looking incredible. Our clubhouse will be beautiful both inside and out!

When the board approved the multi-million-dollar renovation of our golf course, a group of members headed up by Rick and Karen Schoonover wondered how we could bring our tired clubhouse into the 21st century so it would be as beautiful as our new course without having funds available to make needed upgrades. Our answer was Operation Lipstick, based on the concept of holding member-based fundraising events. During the Moonlight Dinner on the Beach and the Schoony Scramble and with generous donations from individuals, Operation Lipstick has raised more than $133,000.  Additionally, many members have donated materials like flooring, their professional services and their time to our Lipstick efforts. Our grass roots spirit is alive and well.

After a COVID delay, we were finally able to move forward with plans for renovating Schoony’s 19th Hole. The finished product includes new chairs, tables, flooring, front and rear mahogany entry doors, trim, lighting and ceiling fans, a totally new bar, foot rail, additional cabinets and storage, a logo wall, new and additional TV’s, new and/or refurbished kitchen equipment, a rework of the trophy display area, modern modifications to the Golf Shop and upgrades to the kitchen service area. It will be amazing and we all will be truly proud to raise a glass in Schoony’s!

As you might imagine, the cost for the extensive list of interior upgrades I mentioned above stretches beyond the funds raised to date by Operation Lipstick. Earlier this year, the Board approved funds to cover the remaining cost of these interior updates. Our desire to put forward a finished clubhouse project matching the elevated experience of our new golf course was what drove these changes. Each dollar spent has been scrutinized and we think you’ll be proud of the updates.

The upgrades which extend the concept of Schoony’s out onto newly designed hardscape and landscaped expansive patio areas towards the 18 green mean more patio furniture is needed at a cost of approximately $50,000. These new areas will be phenomenal and will provide hours of enjoyment for our members daily and at tournaments and special events. We are committed to completing this look but our Operation Lipstick funds are exhausted, having been applied to the extensive interior improvements.  However, the furniture has been ordered with funds provided by the Board which should allow us to have many of these new patio items in place for the October Grand Opening weekend.  Others will arrive several weeks later.  As donation funds accumulate during our campaign, we will return the $50,000 to the Club.

Looking ahead, our Operation Lipstick Committee is meeting soon to plan some entertaining fundraising events for members to be held in 2022. As we finish up our golf-related projects including the patio furniture, our new focus will be on upgrades at Vue on 30a and the Beach Club. The House & Grounds Committee headed up by Ashley Loyd, has identified an inventory of needed improvements on the beach side. We will work with them to prioritize and select ones on which we will focus our efforts.

I thank each of you who have contributed to Operation Lipstick in the past and look forward to seeing you and many other members at our future events. In the meantime, if you are interested in making a donation to assist with the furniture purchases, speak to any of our committee members or email Allison in Accounting at  You can also charge a donation on your credit card.

In deep appreciation,

The Operation Lipstick Committee: Charlie & Liz Garner, Bob & Cheryl Hoffman, Jerry Lancaster & Crawford Sandefur, Dean Millsap & Eden Cooper, Robert & Patty Reeder, Dewayne & Kathryn Youngblood and Chair, Karen Schoonover