Warm Welcomes. Magic Moments. Fond Farewells.


Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club and its managing company, ClubCorp believe in three steps of service that help ensure each visit by a member or a guest is truly memorable: Warm Welcomes, Magic Moments and Fond Farewells. It is this commitment to enhancing the experiences of our Members and guests that cements our Members’ sense of belonging and results in a feeling that the Club is truly a home away from home. 

While it is important to speak to personalized service, none of that matters if we do not have committed employee partners that share this vision and work tirelessly to make it a reality. Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club prides itself on the extraordinary lengths it goes to recruit, educate, empower and grow employee partners who share our zeal for service. Our commitment to growing our team provides abundant advancement opportunities within the company and results in a retention rate that is among the highest in the hospitality industry. If you have a servant’s heart and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others, we would welcome you as a member of our team and encourage you to discover our current job openings at Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club.

The searchable links below will  be active soon. In the meantime, for information on positions at Santa Rosa Golf & Beach Club, contact Carter Murchison at [email protected].

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