8:30 AR w/Dianna

05/14/18 8:30 am - 05/14/18 9:00 am

CLASS: 8:30 – 9:00 AQUA RUNNERS (AR)
LEADER: DIANNA OWINGS (Jennifer Jones & Barbie Goins backup)
DESCRIPTION: Running, bicycling, and other resistance movements in the water are utilized to build muscle & core strength. Increase aerobic conditioning and improve your flexibility without strain on the joints & skeletal system. You can move to the beat of the MUSIC or slow your movement down to the double beat. Either way, you will have a fabulous cardio workout.
EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Buoyancy belt (to support & maintain proper vertical buoyancy) & Aqua RunnersĀ® (to add resistance); aquatic gloves (optional)